Lutzie Field a Reality!


June 26, 2015
Missy Koslowski, GHSA News

Cobb County School Board Approves Lutzie Field Dedication

Lassiter has worked very hard with the Cobb Community to muster support for an extremely good cause.  Hundreds of supporters have worked tirelessly to re-name Lassiter High School’s new field after Auburn football player and former Lassiter High School stand-out, Philip Lutzenkirchen.

This morning, GA News received news that the Cobb County School Board “unanimously” approved the project.

Special thanks go out to Bob Penter who lead the effort and the entire Lassiter Community!

As I believe you’ve all heard at this point, we received unanimous approval from the Cobb County School Board for Lutzie Field last night.  Afterwards, I spoke to each of the board members, and they were extremely complimentary of the way that we handled the process and situation. I want to thank each of you individually and the various groups that you represent for your support throughout this process.  You all were unwavering in your support and willingness to demonstrate it publicly.  While the end result looked easy, I’m convinced that the project would have died on the vine had we not aggressively pushed the project and the timeline. There are so many people to thank that it would be impossible to do so in a reasonable length note. The advice and support that I received throughout the process were invaluable.  However, I do want to especially thank Kyle Cooper of Property Masters.  Most of you know about the tremendous financial commitment that Kyle and Property Masters have made to the project.  He jumped on board early to make the project come alive.  When the project looked like it could die a couple of times in the past month, he was unwavering in his support.  He’s a huge friend of the Lassiter community, and I’m proud to be associated with him as a board member of the Lutzie 43 Foundation. With this process now behind us, we get to focus on the project itself and the longer term mission.  Please mark your calendars for the field dedication (including the 2nd annual “13 Can Make a Difference Food Drive”) on Friday, August 14 and for the inaugural Lutzie 43 Road Race (sponsored by FCA) on August 15.  There will be much more to come on both in the coming weeks. The work will begin on Monday, June 29th, exactly one year after Philip’s death.  God truly is working, so we should all smile.”

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