Clark Kent (WR) selected to FBU “Top Gun”


May 29, 2015   Missy Koslowski, GHSA News

This summer is not a time of rest for those “elite” athletes that seek to get Bigger, Faster, Stronger and to Improve their Skills.

A local Marietta, GA athlete (Clark Kent, Lassiter) competed last week against his peers at the FBU (Football University) combine held at Peachtree Ridge High School.  After these three days, former NFL receivers like Billy “White Shoes” Johnson and Stacey Bailey, evaluated the top receivers and picked the best for “Top Gun” (Dublin, OH).


Clark competed against many 4 and 5 star Defensive Backs in 1-on-1 and 7-on-7 drills to earn a spot in this highly coveted event.  College scouts follow this event and consider it an opportunity to see (what competitors do) against “The Best of the Best”. (Top Gun Itinerary – HERE)


No event is bigger than Football University


TOP GUN athletes are given the unique opportunity to practice the techniques and skills they have been taught against athletes who are as big, as strong, as fast, and as gifted as they are.

They also are blessed with the chance to impress the best group of NFL faculty ever assembled at one camp. TOP GUN will feature approximately 70members of the coaching staff that have more than 700 years of combined NFL coaching and playing experience! These coaches share their immense knowledge of the game to the athletes through on-field drills as well as detailed classroom film breakdowns.

Every year at TOP GUN, several rising seniors are picked to play in the U.S. Army All-American Bowl.