Woodstock vs Lassiter Pre-Game


September 09, 2014 Missy Koslowski, GHSA News

Woodstock visits Frank Fillmann Stadium this Friday @ 7:30 PM where they are 3 – 0, having beaten River Ridge, Johns Creek, and Wheeler.  In three games, Woodstock has only allowed 10 offensive points, so this may be the best defense Lassiter has seen yet. Woodstock is 3 – 0 for the first time since 2006 and won last weeks Region 5 opener against Wheeler.

Woodstock shares some offense similarities with Lassiter, with both having a QB that can run and pass the ball. Lassiter is 0 – 3 and 0 – 1 for the Region, facing a incoming tough defense and a more-than-capable offense that has put up 72 points to their opponent’s 10.

This week is a huge test for the Lassiter Trojans as they face a tough Woodstock team that has weapons on both sides of the ball. Lassiter’s last week loss to Walton (at home) was hurtful, but if the Trojans can rally behind that loss and utilize some of their young weapons – Woodstock might be waking the “sleeping giant” Friday night.

Lassiter’s current sophomore group (last years Freshmen that grabbed National Scout’s attention) has a lethal pair of receivers in Evan Joseph and Clark Kent, in addition to a QB, Zack Hall that we have yet to see regular season action.

GHSA News predicts that the great coaching staff at Lassiter will not make the same mistakes as last week and will put in place a strategy that will give this talented Trojan team what they need to win!

Every Game Day, we post roster, information, and links that are easily accessible for you via your smartphone or iPad.

In addition, GHSANewsOnline will be QuixScoring the game for MaxPreps.

GHSA News looks forward to more lead-up coverage and game-day support going into this Friday’s game!

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