Zack Hall makes impact at Lassiter

O-D game SC1 Orlando 2014 240

Georgia High School Football is a big deal in this state and especially in the 6A division.  Many things have changed each year in our state and in our sport.  In the past several years, we have seen a new, more frequent occurrence in High School sports – the transfer of players to schools that will enhance or improve their chances of going from Friday to Saturday night competition  and the dreams of Division 1 college football.

This is becoming more and more common, the movement of players to schools with the right offense or the right coach that might make their dreams come true.  What really stands out is when multiple players migrate to a school because of a player.

The GMSAA All-Star Game in 2012 had players from across the region in all positions, from Walton, Lassiter, Pope, Sprayberry and others.  In High School, College, and in the NFL, we feel the impact that skilled positions make on fast paced passing offenses and complex defenses.  Wide Receivers are faster, stronger, and better in running their routes.  Defensive Backs are trained with the experience that could only be gotten at the college level of past years.

At the helm of the GMSAA All-Star game at QB was Zack Hall. He would go on to run a fast paced mixture of run and pass that would continue into the 2012 North South All-Star game and to finishing a record year.  His accurate passing and leadership would bring out the best in his players, players that were enhanced by his skill and field generalship.  Good players do well, GREAT players make other players better!

Two of his primary targets were from regular season rival schools (Walton) and (Sprayberry).  Their combination would lead them to win the North South All-Star Game in 2012 and get people talking.  Now young men and families do not transfer from schools without reason, leaving neighbors and friends behind.

His two primary receivers were considered the BEST at their respective schools, anybody that knows football will agree.  They could be the top two wide receivers in Cobb county, then and now.  Both chose to attend Lassiter High School in 2013 as classmates of Zack.

The 2014 season would prove to be a record year for the Freshmen at Lassiter.  Zack and his receivers would shatter all freshman offense records at the school – passing, rushing, and number of touchdowns.& following his record season, Zack would be selected to participate in the 2014 OD Bowl in Orlando, FL – Team USA (Seen above #21 in Red/White/Blue).  His performance at the O-D Bowl for Team USA has begun to catch the eye of national scouts.

Recently, Zack and one of his receivers Clark Kent participated in the 1-on-1 Elite Invitational held at Myrtle Beach, SC.  Zack had an almost perfect performance, passing to Clark time and time again propelling him to MVP honors .  Zack would also have been MVP if he was older and had been more known to the committee.

If you know the players from around the region, the coaches, and the fans – all will say that this group (with Zack at the helm) is the favorite to win the State Championship in 2016 or 2017. Recognizing and praising talent in those who are seniors is common among us all, but seeing it emerge at this early stage is extraordinary.  Even more important is to recognize a talented and great young man like Zack that can affect other players and families to change schools, friends, and coaches.

In closing, Zack Hall has accomplished  a compelling and unique feat with his leadership, skill, and friendship. This young man has drawn two talented athletes to a rival school by their recognition of his inherent abilities and quite possibly a future Georgia AAAAAA State Championship .


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